Information and Pricing

Free consultation

After an initial phone call, we can set up a free consultation. This usually takes place in a coffee shop, restaurant, public library, or park and lasts about 30 minutes to an hour. We will discuss your ideal birth and/or postpartum scenario and philosophy, how my role as a doula can best serve you, and go over the contract for services. After this meeting, if you decide to hire me, we will sign a contract for birth and/or postpartum support.


My services exist on a sliding-scale, self-pay function in order to provide for various income levels.

My average birth doula package costs $950.

For breastfeeding support only, my services are $50 for a one-hour appointment and $75 for a two-hour appointment.

For pregnancy loss support my services are pay at will.

For postpartum doula support, my fee is $25/hour

Discounts offered in the cases of clients who are under 18, BIPOC or LGBTQ+ individuals who are going through the process of adoption. Special circumstances may be considered. A portion of my fee goes directly back to supporting Black birth workers.

Never hesitate to reach out for services if pricing is a concern.

Two prenatal appointments

Once a contract has been signed, we will schedule your first prenatal meeting!

This meeting usually takes place around 34-35 weeks, and it lasts between 1-2 hours at your home and with your partner if applicable.

The structure of the meeting can take on any form, we can discuss a birth plan, comfort measures, do hypnobirthing exercises, make birth affirmations, or even act out stages of labor. We will work together to create a plan of action for how I may best serve you.

The second meeting will take on a more emotional approach to birth. Here, we will discuss your feelings surrounding labor and process any fears or anxieties you or your partner may have. This meeting lasts between 1-2 hours and takes place at your home.

Birth support

I will be in contact with you via telephone throughout early labor, until your contractions are no more than five minutes apart. At that time, I will head to wherever you are and provide birth support for the remainder of your labor.

Postpartum support

I will be present approximately one hour-two hours after you deliver at your chosen birth space to help establish breastfeeding if you desire and to provide emotional and physical support.

After the birth, I will contact you within the next day or two to schedule a postpartum visit.

I offer three postpartum visits: one at one week, one at one month, and one at three months postpartum. The three visits spaced out are designed to support a continuation of breastfeeding, lower postpartum depression and anxiety rates, and propel a continuity of care in your postpartum journey.

Postpartum Doula

I also offer extended postpartum support as a postpartum doula. This care takes place in your home for a minimum of 4 hours during the day and 8 hours during the night.

As a postpartum doula, I work in your home and attend to the immediate concerns of baby and birthing person. I will help with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, light housework, baby care, emotional support, birth processing, and meal prep. I also can help with older children and pets.

Breastfeeding support

I offer individualized and separate breastfeeding support appointments. These appointments go over positioning, latch, and ways to best incorporate breastfeeding into your life. These sessions can take place in your home. These one hour appointments are $50.

Pregnancy loss support

For pregnancy loss, I am present with you before, during, and after your birth. I offer a special blessing ceremony and postpartum care, including information on milk donation, light housework, and meal provision.

Al a Carte Birth and Postpartum Services

  • Childbirth education ($100)
  • Facilitating special mother/birth ceremonies  ($100)
  • Doula for Partners workshop ($50)
  • Birth art commissions (varies)
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