Placenta Encapsulation

“The placenta, the root of your origin, is a miraculous organ that shares and protects your life. It is the conductor that unites you with your mother and serves as the control panel of the womb-ship that sustains you until you are born. It was conceived at the moment of your genesis”- Placenta, The Forgotten Chakra

I offer placenta encapsulation services in the comfort of your home. I am familiar with the raw and the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of encapsulation, and I provide a variety of extra placenta services at a reasonable cost.


$200 for TCM encapsulation

$200 for raw encapsulation

$50 for raw smoothie cubes 

$30 for placenta art

$50 for placenta tincture

I offer herbs as an optional part of the placenta encapsulation service, either included with encapsulation or in separate herbal extracts or pills.

Birth clients get a 20% discount on placenta encapsulation.

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