She listened to every concern and answered all our questions with so much knowledge! She made us aware of things we didn’t know about hospital births and so much more during our prenatal visit. She was always available when I had questions or worries leading up to birth”

“On the day we went into labor she was there as soon as I needed her. Her voice was my focus point at the hospital when my pain was almost intolerable and she reassured me that my body knew exactly what to do and that I CAN birth my baby!

“Without her on that day I wouldn’t have been able to have the unmedicated birth we wanted”

“Her support and wisdom is invaluable, I highly recommend her to any mama welcoming a child into this world!”

Savannah was AMAZING!!! She was super helpful for me and my husband!!! We would recommend her to anyone we knew having a baby in a heartbeat!!! She made the process and work of labor so much more bearable and memorable! My husband and I loved having her with us through this memorable life-enhancing experience!”

We are absolutely thankful for all support given when giving birth to our baby. 🙂 Thank you!

“Savannah was so helpful (for both me and my husband!) throughout labor. She jumped right in to a very quick labor (2.5 hours to transition once we got to the hospital!) and helped guide my husband and I both through the difficult, but wonderful, experience of birthing our son with an unmedicated vaginal birth. Her belief in me never wavered, and she maintained her calm when some things started to lean toward needing intervention. She was great at helping protect the boundaries I set up in my birth plan, at reminding hospital staff of those boundaries when needed, and at reminding me that I can advocate for myself at any time. Thank you so much, Savannah! We loved having you at our birth.”


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